Monday, October 31, 2011

October 24-30

The baptism this week for Sione was amazing!  We had 2 investigators go and you could just feel how much he was loved when he was being baptized.  One of the investigators told us he wanted to be baptized, he just had to talk to his parents first.

 We had the parents of who he is living with and trying to adopt him baptize him.  They are more likely to stay active if he is baptized by a fellowshipper.

 So the last week has been a busy one!  We taught 13 lessons this week with members present.  That’s good for us!  Last week we taught 9 and this week we are planning for 18 to 20.  People seem to keep finding us.  I think that’s a sign that we are being good and obedient missionaries and doing everything we can.   We had a few more lessons planned than 13 but a few of them fell through.   We also went to a members house this week.  The son who lives there is a return missionary.  He gave me the coolest tie!  Speaking of ties I want to see if grandma McKinney could try and knit me a tie for Christmas!!

We taught a little boy this week, his name was Alex.  He is 11 and autistic. I think it is very exciting how the Lord prepared me for him because my companion has no idea how to teach him and I used to work with autistic kids at the pool and teach them to swim.  Alex is so receptive to it! I LOVE it!  He is so smart and gets everything we teach him as long as I keep the activities changing for him and don’t drag one thing on too long.  He is very visual and loves pictures and things he can touch so we did this thing with nails where you try to get 6 nails to balance on one nail that is in a bottle cap.  He couldn’t do it but I couldn’t even do it till I was shown that you have to do this trick and make it look like a house balancing on it.

On Wednesday, we had language training at the mission office and that was cool.  I was with a bunch of missionaries who spoke Spanish because there was no Portuguese class and my companion was in the English as a 2nd language class.  It was still fun though.  That night we taught a lady who’s name was Aline and she is Brazilian so we brought a RM with us who taught with Elder Gomes.   It was weird because Ii understood maybe 5 words and she understood everything they talked about.  She understands English but speaks Portuguese and understands that better.  At the end of the lesson they told me to bear my testimony to her in English... I asked what on and they told me anything.  I bore it on the Book of Mormon and how it can help us overcome any struggle we have in life.  The spirit was so strong.  When we left and were in the car they told me how amazing it was because it was just what she needed to hear.  She told them during the lesson (in Portuguese so I didn’t know she said it) that her husband passed away 2 years ago because of suicide.  She said that she grew up Catholic and even went to a Convent for a while to become a Nun and decided that wasn’t for her.  But it was amazing how I knew what to say when I didn’t know what was going on. 

We have 6 people with baptism dates this month and plan to have at least 8 by the end of this week or next.  So this week also I had a cool experience.  We were trying to find something to do the last hour of the night but we couldn’t so we decided to go visit the stake president in the CottonWood Heights stake.  We got there and were there for 4 or 5 min before he got a phone call from his son who said that his friend needed a blessing.  She was in her late 20's and had a baby who was just diagnosed with cancer.  So we got to give her a blessing.  I know that God put us in the right place at the right time because we really had no need to go over to his house other than to tell him something small that we could have over the phone.  She was so thankful.

The language is coming along alright.  I am not trying to hard to learn it anymore because I feel like once my companion is transferred they will give it to someone who speaks it more fluently even though there is only 5 or 6 people in our mission that speak it.

We eat at a members house every night so that is great!!

"When the world turns inward, turn yourself outward and love those around you" quote of the week.

Elder Willis

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