Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 1

Week one –
Brian arrived at the MTC on Wednesday Sept 28th.  Colby Anderson dropped him off.  Colby had to be back to class at BYU so Brian called the MTC and asked if he could check in early.  Here are a couple pictures of him upon arrival.

We have been anxiously awaiting an email from him.  We weren’t sure which day would be his Personal Day (P-Day).  This day is set aside for the missionaries to write letters and do laundry or shopping that may need to be done.  Brian’s day is Tuesday!  We got a short email from him this morning telling us he loved us and that he would send a longer letter later today around 12:30-1pm our time.  I went home during lunch so Brian and I could read the letter together.  I have tried to cut and paste what he randomly wrote so it is more cohesive.

The foods good and it’s like a buffet, every meal, all day! They shove so much food into us and it’s kind of decent. The food can be good if you want to think of it as good, it’s all a personal decision is what I was told.  We have a tree here, it smells like orange cream soda!

I am having so much fun!!!  I have been busy the whole time since I got here.  We were teaching lessons to role playing investigators on the 2nd day.  Yesterday it was so cool, my companion and I were teaching a lesson and I kept getting this prompting "Helaman 5:12.... Helaman 5:12" so during our lesson I flipped there and read it quickly and was like "...wow" so I knew right then I needed to change directions of our lesson with the investigator and teach her about faith and how to pray.  By the end of the lesson she was kneeling in prayer with us asking if what we were saying was true and that Heavenly Father would give her a prompting to know what we had to say was true and that he sent us there to teach her.  It was amazing!!!!!  The spirit is so strong here also!  It’s so cool, I feel like I am on a spiritual high like after Youth conference but it continues every day.  I love my roommates!  My companion is Elder Gordon, he is cool and caring and a really cool guy who always has neat random church facts to share!  Then there is Elder Tuimaunei, he is from Hawaii and very inspirational! And there is also Elder Daniel, he is one of my favorites here, we get along so well and click.  We think a lot alike too and its so cool to see that the Lord really does know who you need at specific times in your life to get you by.  I don’t know if I could last here without people that I was around all the time and I didn’t get along really super well with at least one of them.  I love it here!!

Elder Willis

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