Monday, March 26, 2012

This week in SLC

This week in Salt Lake.... It has been such nice weather! Yesterday it was 73! Today.. It is 33 and snowing.  Love it.

This week has been so busy.  We had 5 baptisms this weekend!  They went great! I was so happy to see them enjoy the blessings of baptism.  It was so cool to be that busy in one weekend.  We are up to 165 as a mission this month.  Other than that all is good here.  I am nervous next week is transfer week and I have been here 6 months.  We will find out next Tuesday what will happen.  We are no longer in a threesome, sadly.  I liked it.  We were last week and it was so fun working in 6 stakes with 3 people.  We were busy all week.  

I love you guys and miss you.

Elder Willis

Monday, March 19, 2012

2 weeks worth of emails

March 12th email

I can't believe it is already Monday again.  This week has flown by.  We had a filling week though.

This week we didn't have any baptisms but I feel like we did a lot of work.  One day we went to Seminary into one of the classes.  Here they have it in a building next to the school and we got to just go in during the day to a class.  It was cool.  We tried to get the kids excited about missionary work and get them to invite a friend to learn more from us.  We have found that the key to our success is the high school age kids.  They aren’t as afraid to share the gospel as the younger ones and they aren't worried about ruining a friendship over an invite to learn more when they know they won't ruin that friendship like the adults.  It was good.  We also have been trying to teach this kid who is on the church basketball team and not a member.  This week we found out all these kids are on the church teams and nonmembers but no one has told us about them.  It was a little frustrating.

The other day we went to a building for lunch because a member said they were having their child’s birthday party there and we could come and eat.  A kid there was so funny, he was like 10, and came up to me and said "Hey, can missionaries have girls on the side?" and I told him no and kind of laughed.  He asked me "So you can't kiss them or flirt at all?" and I told him no again. He told me "Man, that’s a joke!"  I don't think he gets why you go on a mission.  He is a member too.

We have 2 baptisms this coming weekend hopefully along with 4 the following weekend.  I love helping these people with their problems and trials.  I spoke in church yesterday and asked for help to find investigators, I hope you would find a friend to invite to learn more about the Gospel! :) Missionary work is so exciting if you let it be.

I love you so much! And miss you guys a lot.

Elder Willis

March 19th email

This week was a good week! :) I baptized a boy named is Dawson!  I bet Dawson will like to hear that.  He is 12 and autistic.  It was a cool experience to do and I felt so special that he asked me to do it for him.  I think I might have set a record for number of times I had to baptize him... I had to do it 7 times until he was completely covered.  He kept either putting a foot up (even though I was stepping on them so he couldn't as easily) or not putting his whole head under the water.

Other than that I was able to see how the Lord prepares people and if you’re obedient and diligent you can find them.  We found this girl this week, or she found us.  She has been going to church with grandpa every other weekend in another stake but lives with mom the other weeks in our stake.  They want to keep her records in our stake so they want to baptize her in our stake.  She is getting baptized next weekend.
Another instance of this is that we had a lady walk into church last week and said she wanted to get active again.  The relief society president found her and said she would love it and they talked a little bit and they lady said to her "I hope it isn't a problem that I am not a member..." The RSP told us that her jaw almost dropped because I had asked her like 2 days before for people to go teach.  She and her councilors almost did jumping high fives she said because they found someone for us.  I love the way the Lord guides people to what they need in their lives if they are having an open heart and a contrite spirit.

We have 5 baptisms this coming weekend! :) And one of them has parents and a sister who aren't members yet and I know that when they feel that spirit at the baptism they will want to learn more.  I am so excited to see these brothers and sisters of mine make covenants with their Heavenly Father.

Oh yeah, I have 2 companions for time being! :) I love it.  Our 3rd is Elder Sehestedt.  His companion was waiting for his Visa and he got it this week.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Missions

Wow this week has been great!  So I can now tell you that there are 2 new missions opening up.  We are loosing 3 zones to create the central mission from ours.  We also are parenting it.  It opens in July and then should be fully functioning on its own by December.  Its so exciting that this is happening.  That means there is so much work in the valley here that we need a few hundred more missionaries.  When this happens we are told that each companionship will have 1 stake here and if they have more they will only have 2.  :)  No one knows for sure yet who will be staying or who is going, when it opens we will loose like 80 missionaries to go there and to train, but by December we will be recouperated back to normal.
So this week we also had a stake conference and Elder Dan Clark came we got the front row reserved for us and our investigators.  It was so sweet.
We should have a baptism or 2 this coming weekend, :) and also we are planning on about 5 this month! :) Our investigators are doing well, they love the Gospel and see how it effecting their lives and they love it. 
Nothing too exciting happened this past week.  On Wednesday we are going to the temple, and instead of it being just our district we are going as a mission.  We get to spend like half the day there with a chapel session and then everything and get to be united as a mission, we are excited for that to happen!
I love you guys.
Elder Willis