Monday, November 7, 2011

Oct 31 - Nov 6

So this week has been a full week.  We taught 15 lessons with members present, that’s 6 away from the standard of excellence in PMG (Preach My Gospel).  Each week we get closer and closer to that goal.  We also had a baptism for Sammy, he is 10 and such a smart little boy! We also have 6 investigators with baptism dates and 10 of our investigators were at church!!!! This area is incredible!!!  We had a goal of having 7 investigators that were progressing towards baptism, and we currently have 8! YAY!

So this week had a mission conference on Halloween.  Elder Alan came and talked to us! He gave a good talk to us!  He told us about how we can always teach more lessons and better lessons, so true!  We need to be Preach My Gospel Missionaries so that we can teach with the Spirit.  Everything anyone could ever really ask, there in an answer in that book, its crazy but so true! 

We taught the autistic boy again this week and it was so cool! He is smart and remembers like everything we tell him!! It’s so neat to watch how the Lord prepares his children.

We have an investigator who grew up Buddhist and she didn’t believe in God or Jesus or anything.  She had no concept of the Bible or anything.  She is dating a return missionary and we taught her this week.  Elder Gomes told me to be prepared because she asks really deep questions that he usually doesn’t have an answer too and that he has to rely on a scripture or something.  She did ask deep questions but I told her my best answer followed by a scripture and I bore my testimony a few times on different things and she was like... wow that makes sense.  She works at a hospital.  I don’t know what she does but she said she often goes to the serenity room and prays during her shift when she gets a second and it ALWAYS makes her feel calm and have a peaceful and a smoother rest of the day.  We talked about the Holy Ghost and how if she is baptized she gets that gift and she said "Oh that must be what I feel."  YES!  I just shouted it in my mind though and was like yeah you’re so right.

We also have another investigator.  He is 16 and is Filipino.  He is like me, Filipino mom and white dad! :)  He believed in what we said and wanted to learn more, when we got him to the baptism of another one of our investigators he said he knew what he was doing was right and wanted to be baptized!  It was so incredible!  Every day I find something new that puts a smile on my face!  

The other day we had a district meeting and one of the sisters gave me a quote I thought about all week. "If you always do what you always have done. Then you always get what you always have got." I thought about it all week as I try to improve myself to become a better missionary and help others to learn about God and Jesus Christ.  I love getting to serve the Lord and help bring others unto him. 

Another thing I got from someone bearing their testimony yesterday in sacrament meeting was "Sometimes when it rains it pours. And in that time of need you’ve got to have a umbrella to rely on"  That’s not exactly what she said, it’s what I put together in my mind though and thought about.  It is so true though, when something small goes wrong it seems that everything else falls apart then and that’s the time you need to be able to rely on your Father in Heaven for that comfort when no one else is there to help you.

Yesterday we went to 4 sacrament meetings.  Then we got a text that said there was an investigator at another ward so we hurried over there.  We sat there and got up and bore our testimonies.  After sacrament meeting we were talking with members and she came up to us.  This is what she said to me "Hi, I'm an investigator, I haven’t taken any lessons but want to meet with you."  I was like WHOA!  Ok, let’s go!  Her boyfriend is on a mission but she wants to get married in the temple when he gets home so if she gets baptized by the end of the year then she will have been a member for a year by the time he gets home so she can be married then! YAY!

Things just keep working out.

I Love all of you and hope you have a good week!

Remember, if you always do what you have always done then you always get what you have always got.  Life changer right there.

Much Love,

Elder Willis

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