Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 2012

October 2nd
Dear Family,

This week has been a good week.  We didn't find anyone new to teach but we do have this investigator we love teaching.  Her name is Princess.  (Real name, not a nickname. isn't that sweet?)  She came to church with us this week and she loved it.  She is a single mom with 5 kids.  It is sad but she is a hard working lady.  2 of her kids have special needs and one just came home from the hospital yesterday, he had been in there for months, I think about 7, he had something wrong at birth and they said he probably wouldn't make it.  He finally is home but had to have a tracheotomy.   She is from Louisiana but said that after all that has happened she doesn't believe really in the Baptist church so she is investigating others.  Yesterday she told us the Book of Mormon is so clear compared to the Bible and expands on so much more.

In other news I get to go to General Conference.  The Saturday afternoon session.  And we get to sit up front!

Next week is the last week of the transfer..... It’s crazy how fast time goes by.  I miss you all.

October 9th
This week hasn’t been much different.  We had a good week.  We found out we aren't getting transferred. It’s the first time in 6 months!

Nothing eventful happened this week sadly.  Our investigators are all still set to be baptized on the 20th and 27th. 

Sorry this letter is so short.  We had a busy day and are now going to the driving range with a member.

October 16th
So this week has been alright.  Last Tuesday was great we went to play Frisbee golf, we went to Costco, and we also went to the driving range and DI.  Today we will probably do the same minus Costco.  

We are still working with a few people to get baptized soon.  But 2 of the ones we are teaching we think want to get baptized for the welfare which is sad because when it comes down to it they don’t want to live the commandments or make any changes in their lives.  

Other than that life is good other than Elder Reid getting the day flu yesterday and then me getting it last night, thankfully it is gone by today.  It sucks being sick on a mission.  We had to call other missionaries to get them to come over and go with me to my lessons so we could still go and then that’s when I found out I was sick too.  Now I am back.  If there was one day I wouldn’t get sick it would be p-day. 

This past week we didn’t do any service.  We usually try to do an hour or two but no one needed us this week sadly.

I love and miss you all!

October 22nd
It has been a good week. We found a new family to teach by tracting. He name is Aurora and her son is Rueben. They are so ready for the gospel I love that they accept everything we ask them to do and they are finding out for themselves what we’ve shared with them. We asked them to read 10 pages. We come back the next day and they read 20. I love teaching them.
Other than that we have had a good week. I found this return missionary who is going to sell me his almost new bike. It's sweet too. It has disk brakes and it’s got the works. It's worth the money it is a bike I will sell or take home with me. 

At a garage sale this week I got a Canon A1 film slr camera. It came with 3 lenses and a power winder for the film and a flash and yeah for free. 

Other than that not much new. I got the package thank you! Love you.

October 29th
My week was great! Of course it was since it was my birth week.  Thanks for the cards and the packages!  I love you all!

This week we are struggling to find new people to teach.  We know they are here but we can’t find them, but I know we will.  We hopefully will start teaching a new family tonight. The ones we have been teaching don't want to live commandments and then decide to either stop meeting or want to move their baptism date.  It is sad to watch them because you want to help but you can only help them as much as they want to be helped.  
We have been trying to do all we can and I know there is more to do so I won't give up.  

For my b-day someone took me to Texas Roadhouse for lunch! :) It was good! Then someone else bought me a cake and another made me a cake. Then Sunday night this family had me over for dinner for my b-day since they couldn't do Saturday and they made us tri-tip steak and twice baked potatoes and also deep fried ice cream for dessert.  It was so delicious.  

Elder Willis