Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On his way - Sept 28, 2011

Brian flew out yesterday to Salt Lake City for the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, UT.  He checks in today so he spent his last evening with Colby and Amber Anderson and Aubrey Hansen.  They had dinner and brought Brian to Target to get the last minute items he couldn't fit into his luggage and didn't want to mail down. 

It was a very sad but happy day for the Willis family at home.  There will be a hole in our home and lives for the next 2 years  We will miss him greatly every day.  We know in our hearts that he is doing a great thing by choosing to go on his mission and serving the Lord and his church for the next 2 years.   He will be giving people and their families the opportunity to spend their lives and all eternity together.  Something that I am so very blessed to have with Brian, Brian and Zack.  

We are waiting for his final call before he enters into the MTC.  Once he enters, we won't be able to speak with him until Christmas.  Some friends and family members who aren't members of the church wonder why we can only talk to him twice a year.  He will be very busy on his mission and will need to stay focused on the work he is doing for our Lord.  We can keep in touch by email and letters.  By Brian's sacrifice for just 2 years of his life, he is able to give eternity to families that he meets and baptizes.  We are very thankful for his willingness and enthusiasm to serve.  He is a great example for his brother Zack.

We will use this blog over the next couple years to post parts of letters and pictures that Brian send home.  Please visit often as we would love to share this experience with our family and friends.  

If you would like to send Brian a message of encouragement while he is at the MTC for the next 3 weeks, you may do so by going to  Click on "Write a Letter", in the drop down box in "Letter Selection" choose Provo MTC then click on "Write a Missionary".  Fill in the boxes (MTC box #: 209, Missionary code: UT-SLCS 1019 and Esimated Departure Date: 10/19/11) then scroll down to write your letter.  Letters are printed out weekly and given to the missionaries.