Sunday, October 16, 2011

Times flying fast and I'm almost out of the MTC!

So this week has been a fun week here at the MTC!! Its my last full week here and time has flown by. I got to go to the Provo Temple this morning and we got to be proxys for children being sealed to their parents. What a beautiful experience.

It snowed for like half an hour October 6th! It was funny to see everyone from warm states get excited, I thought they better get used to it. We had a speaker on Sunday night that spoke about tithing. He was interesting, my favorite point he made was that even as missionaries we pay tithing. We give 10 of our 20 year old life to the Lord. I thought that was really cool to think about. After the speakers we watched the Joseph Smith video... it is the same one they play in the South Visitors Center in Salt Lake. It was amazing to watch I really enjoyed it and getting to take a break from thinking about our daily tasks. I also thought it was cool that as missionaries we are like Joseph Smith living simple lives and getting to share the gospel.

During the day when we have spare time we love to sit in our class and watch videos! All the stories are cool because we learn how we can inspire our "investigators" and make them want to learn more. I watched Luke & Sam Nelson's video the other day and showed it to my district. They found it really cool that I knew the two kids in the video. I am so excited to get into the field next week, I look forward to it each day knowing I'm so close.

Here at the MTC the days feel like weeks, but the weeks fly by like days. The other day I looked out the window and it was kind of over cast and I thought it was like 7:30... I looked at my watch and it was only 1:30. It was weird. The rest of the day we get to nap, and get hair cuts. It should be a good day.

Elder Tui Maunei and Elder Daniel.

Elder Stuart, "wisest most powerful Elder on the 4th floor." He dresses like this every night. It's kind of funny.

Elder Willis

Utah SLC South Mission

8060 South 615 East

Sandy, UT 84070

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  1. YAY! So glad he's doing so well. Loved seeing the pictures yesterday, and nice to see them again today.