Monday, January 30, 2012

Week of 1/23-29/2012

This week has been a good week. We have been teaching a lot and had a a couple of baptisms.  We found a few new people too.  We have been focusing on those we are currently teaching and how we can help them progress and find their needs.  It has worked out well.
This month our mission baptized 175! It’s so great!  For the month of February we are projecting 42 baptisms in our zone alone.  There are 8 other zones.  I love sharing the gospel.  This week I have learned though that numbers are really nothing.  The baptismal number is only important when you think of how many people you are helping to come unto Christ.  Plus baptism isn't all, I want to help people get to the Temple to be able to be sealed to their families forever, and the only way they can do that is through baptism.

Although the rest of this week wasn't too eventful, we had a great week.  We have everything set up for the 2 more baptisms this week, and we, as a companionship are baptizing 5 this month and going to try to get 3 more!  We can do it too, I know we can. 

Yesterday we got to one of our lessons and she had the flu so she cancelled.  I was thinking of what we could do.  I had a prompting to go to a specific ward, and I didn’t know why.  We currently don’t have any investigators there, but I felt like we needed to go there though and watch this presentation about member missionary work.  When we got there we found out why.  A man came up to me, "Elders! I have a girl here who wants to be baptized.  Come lets go talk to her."  It turns out his daughter has been bringing her friend to church with her the past few weeks and teaching her about the gospel.  She now wants to learn from us and to be baptized.  This week we are meeting with her and she will be baptized in Feb. I know it!  I was so happy that I followed that prompting to go there and have the opportunity to meet her.

Elder Willis

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