Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting to pick up the pace again.

This week has been so amazing!  We got a lot of work done.  Last week Elder Sullins and I had found a few people to teach and this week we went and started teaching 2 of the kids.  They are so ready to be baptized and are so excited, we just have to wait for their parents to be ready for them also. 
We had some good lessons this week and it was cool to see people want to change their life.  We have a couple who isn’t parried but have 3 kids together.  They technically have been living together for 12 years, but each time they are going to get married something happens, and now they just haven’t been thinking about it for the past few years.  For him to be able to be baptized though, they need to get married.  So we told President Miller, our mission president, about it and he told us we need to tell them they need to get married and set a date.  We were nervous and thought it might not go so well, we were wrong.  They said, "Yeah we do, we will think of a date."  Amazing how the spirit will guide us!  It is exciting, they are deciding on a date and going to tell us this week.  One step closer to his baptism.  :)

Transfers coming up this Wednesday.

I hope all is well with you at home!

Love you guys,
Elder Willis


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