Monday, January 23, 2012

This week: In the life of a missionary

This week was a good week, we had some good lessons.  We have been working with this guy to help him quit smoking.  He wants to work towards the temple, so we are helping him quit smoking and then to get married and then baptized.  Hopefully we can get them married and baptized all in the same week.  He has tried everything to quit in the past so we were thinking what could help him?  We offered a blessing and then I also told him I would get him a Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD so when he was in a bind he could pop that in and listen to it to help him through the hard times.

We also found a few people this week that we are going to start teaching.  This boy lives with his grandparents and has been going to church forever.   He bore his testimony last month and the members we heard from said it was amazing and almost made them cry.  We stopped by his home and he said "Yeah I would love to learn.  Can my dad come too?" Score! This week we will start teaching him hopefully! :) I love when things just work out because you’re doing the things the Lord would have you do.

We have 3 kids getting baptized this Saturday and hopefully 1 more.  It will be great! We also have 4 more on date for February already so we will be having a good month, I know it.

If you don't expect a miracle then one won’t happen, you have to have faith to know it will and work hard to get it.  I know this is true and I know in our own lives we have to rely on the Lord for everything, he has given us everything in our lives why wouldn't he provide for us when we asked him to help us in our time of need?

I know that sharing the gospel with others it will help our testimony grow and also to help share what blesses our lives with others.  As we look to those around us to help them, share with them about it and it will bless their lives. 

I love you guys.

Elder Willis

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