Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last weeks post

Sorry- I should have posted this last Monday. - Becki

This week was great!! We found 4 new investigators!!! :) and had 5 people baptized!!! I love seeing them be able to do that.
So last weekend that baptism we had for Anthony, there was his friend at it named Orie.  He has a sister who got baptized like a year ago and now goes sometimes with Anthony.  We were going through our list of kids who didn't have a chance to be baptized this week and saw a kid named Matthew.  So we talked with his dad and he told us we could come back the next day and teach him if we wanted.  We were trying to think who was around his age who we could bring that could help fellowship him and be his friend at church.  Anthony! We asked him to go and he said sure.  On the way there we asked him about his friend at the baptism and when he was inviting him over so we could teach him more, Anthony told us soon.  So we got to the house and Anthony said "That's Orie's house".  At first we didn’t believe him.  But it was and he just went by his middle name.  I know the Lord lined everything up for us and he knew that Anthony needed to be there to support his friend.  It was so cool and he wants to get baptized too!

Last night also we got a call, and a girl told us her boyfriend of 2 years wanted to learn more now, and that we could come teach him this week!  I am excited to meet him and help him come closer to his father in heaven. 
How is home? How was the Super Bowl?  No one wanted to have a lesson last night because of it, they all used it as an excuse to either not have us over or not be home.  Lame I know.
Well I hope all is swell at home this week.

Elder Willis

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