Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zone Leader

August 28th

This week has been so much fun! We keep finding people to teach.  Sadly tomorrow I am getting transferred.  I am going to the Bennion East Stake and going to be a zone leader there.

I am happy to go where the Lord wants me and do and serve the way he wants me to but I am also sad to leave this area.  I wonder if this area will be where I stay more than 6 weeks!  I have yet to do that other than my first area.  My companion will be Elder Reid.  I will tell you more about him next week when I find out.  My life is about to get a lot busier now. 

I love going out and sharing the gospel, Elder Wilson and I this week have done a lot of it and talked with everyone we could find.  We go to the YSA FHE's and talk and ask for referrals and also go to ward visits with the YSA's.  It is so much fun but I am going back to a family stake now.

I love you all!

The Gospel is true and the book is blue!

Elder Willis

Sept 4th
It has been a good week! We had a baptism this past weekend.  We are finding people to teach.  I am in the Bennion East stake so right in Taylorsville.  I like it here, the people are really nice.  We have a lot of apartments in our area full of people to go teach.  Most of them are shady places but they are ones that will be good to bring the Gospel too.

Our address is 
1258 Pitchfork Rd.
Murray, UT 84123

Send all my mail there I am going to work on writing letters back to those who wrote me because I don’t have tons of time now and we were told we aren’t allowed to write letters unless it is p-day.  It’s sad but I will obey if that is the rule.  

My new companion is Elder Reid, he is from the ATL.  Just north of ATL…Ask aunt Julie what stake she is in.  

We have a baptism coming up this weekend! And then on the 15th as well.  I am excited.  The 23rd we don’t have church because of the Brigham City Temple Dedication.  

I will write more next week.

I love and Miss you!!

Elder Willis

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