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July 31st - August 21st

July 31st
This week was a good week but it was slow.  It is harder training than I thought it would be. Surprisingly though I can tell that I am being blessed with a lot more patience because I know I don’t have as much as I have had to use.  Not saying my companion is bad but that I have to show him how to do everything. Which is why I am the trainer but I feel bad for Elder Gomes if this is what he had to go through with me.  I hope not.

This Sunday was a long day!  First we spoke in a sacrament meeting.  Then went and sat in a Sunday school class and taught parts of it with the teacher.  Then we went and taught a combined relief society and elders quorum and then switched with the sisters half way through and taught combined young men and young women.  Then we took a 20 minute lunch and went and spoke in another sacrament meeting.  This Saturday we are hopefully taking our investigators to Temple square. 

My address [has changed however I may be moving soon. I will know on Aug 29th]

6100 S. Mt Vernon Dr.
Murray, UT 84107

It’s where it’s at.  Our landlord is the nicest man ever!  We have the whole downstairs too.  When I get older, I want to have the missionaries live with me. 

This week we are working on increasing our teaching pool.  It is a struggle sometimes we only have 4 apartment buildings in our area so we have to rely on the members a lot to help us with their friends and neighbors because a lot of them have had missionaries knock at their doors before.

We have been stopping by the young men and women this week and challenging them to write their testimony in a Book of Mormon and give it to a less active or nonmember friend.  It has been working great they all accept the challenge and are excited about doing it.

Other than that I love you guys.  The new mission is great.  I love doing the Lord's work it is the best.

August 7th

This week has been very stressful.  Our area is not doing so hot.  We go out all day and talk to people and ask for referrals and then go contact them and no one is interested.  It is sad.  We contacted 13 referrals this week and all of them were nice but not interested in us teaching them or their kids.  I don't know if these people realize that them not allowing their kids to learn and be baptized that they will be held responsible for them later on.  D&C 68:25.

 I have been so stressed out this week with being a trainer.  It is so much harder than I imagined.  My companion feels homesick and depressed and complains all the time about everything.  I try to be happy and keep a smile on my face.  It is so hard though, the Lord is really testing me now.  It isn’t that he isn’t a great missionary, because he has potential to become one, but sometimes he gets very depressed.  I stay positive as best as I can and look forward to the future.  He has so much potential to become a great hard working missionary and I know there is a reason he is here.  I also know there is a reason why he and I are companions; we have things to learn from each other.

I love doing this work though no matter how much of a struggle it is at times.  People’s lives are being blessed even when they don't accept the Gospel with us at the door, we planted a seed and it will grow.  As long as their neighbors will nourish it for us and keep inviting them and befriending them and sharing what blesses their lives. 

August 14th

This week was such a good week!  We are starting to teach more and found a few new people to teach.  I love when you find the people who are prepared to hear about the Gospel.  So 2 weeks ago we spoke in a ward and I said that I knew people were coming to church who hadn't been baptized and no one said anything to us.  Sunday night we went to someone's house and she told us that this kid who came to her house every day comes to church every week and isn’t baptized and get this… his dad who adopted him is in the bishopric!  We work hard and we are finding some people to teach. 
Yesterday we ran into a guy who just wanted to try and make us want to go home.  He was Catholic but didn’t even really believe what the Catholics teach from what he was saying to us.  He told us he was an active Catholic too!  He told us he had a movie he wanted us to see that would make us not believe anymore and all this stuff, I bore my testimony to him and he even then tried to tell me I was wrong.  I was kind of ticked but I didn’t let it get to me, we left him be. 

The other day we went to a BBQ at the park.  There were over 200 people there and we talked to so many people.  We found this new guy to teach too.  He comes to church almost every week too with a neighbor.  He says he is homeless but he reads the Book of Mormon and we are excited to teach him!

We are doing great though and the transfer has 2 more weeks left.  My companion is staying now too he changed his mind.  I am so happy; I didn’t want him to go home. 

Tell grandma Jeannette that Harold Brockbank is my ward mission leader.  He was in their ward when grandpa Bruce was bishop right before he passed away.  He also knows aunt Joy.  Small world huh?

I love you a lot and miss you too.

August 21st
Wow this week has been sad, it’s been happy, and it’s been full of miracles!  Last Friday I got to take a trip to the SLC airport... :( My companion decided to go home.  It was a very sad and stressful day.  Then I went to breakfast with President Moffat.  Still not knowing what would be happening when I got back in my area.  I got to the mission office to find 2 Zone leaders there that I barely knew.  Then the assistants showed up, and then my zone leaders showed up.  Then we had a big meeting with everyone.  Basically one of my zone leaders went to another zone to fill the place of another zone leader who became assistant to the president.  Then I am now with Elder Wilson my zone leader working with the Young Single Adult Stake.  So for time being I am a zone leader, at least until transfers on the 29th.  It is weird because we cover half of the mission and it’s a huge area.  It’s so much fun though. 

So onto the miracles.  Every day it seems like we have seen them.  Saturday we had 2 baptisms and then we went out to work and couldn’t find anyone to teach.  Finally at 8:45 we felt impressed to go to this apartment building by our house.  We found this stairwell and went to the top.  We knocked on one door, they didn’t answer.  We turn to walk down the stairs and see this guy who just went into his door.  We looked at each other and knew it was him.  Went and knocked on his door. 
It went like this. Knock Knock Knock.
"Hello we are representatives of Jesus Christ; will you follow his example and be baptized by someone holding priesthood authority?"
"uhhhhhhhhh, no"(not in a rude way though)
"What would be holding you back from joining his restored gospel f you knew it was true?"
"Well I am a Christian."
and the rest is history we had an appointment to come back and he wasn’t home.  We will find him tonight.  He is ready and by the time we left his door he said he would be baptized if he knew it was true.

Sunday at church.
We went to have 2 confirmations.  After the first we found out the second guy was nowhere to be found.  We called him and texted him and nothing.  We had to go to his house with a member and still not there.  We got the member to drive us to his moms and finally found him.  In the end he got confirmed and also got the priesthood right after church.  It turned out he just slept in because he lost his phone the night before. 

We are on the way to dinner.  I said wait turn right and go down that street lets go talk to this one house.  In the past when I have gone there no one has been home.  DJ was this person’s name.  He is 18 and opened the door and asked us in.  We went in and turns out he isn’t baptized but said part of his extended family is.  He said if he found out the Book of Mormon was true he wanted to be baptized.  Perfect.  Set up a time to come back tomorrow I think.

So basically though, on the 29th I find out what happens.  I got the package! Thanks so much!  Elder Wilson and I love the bread.  I don’t live at my house currently so anything that is sent there might take me a day or two to get from the time that it arrives in the mailbox.  I will try to write people back when I have time.  It might not be for another week. 

I love you and miss you so much!

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