Monday, March 26, 2012

This week in SLC

This week in Salt Lake.... It has been such nice weather! Yesterday it was 73! Today.. It is 33 and snowing.  Love it.

This week has been so busy.  We had 5 baptisms this weekend!  They went great! I was so happy to see them enjoy the blessings of baptism.  It was so cool to be that busy in one weekend.  We are up to 165 as a mission this month.  Other than that all is good here.  I am nervous next week is transfer week and I have been here 6 months.  We will find out next Tuesday what will happen.  We are no longer in a threesome, sadly.  I liked it.  We were last week and it was so fun working in 6 stakes with 3 people.  We were busy all week.  

I love you guys and miss you.

Elder Willis

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