Monday, March 5, 2012

New Missions

Wow this week has been great!  So I can now tell you that there are 2 new missions opening up.  We are loosing 3 zones to create the central mission from ours.  We also are parenting it.  It opens in July and then should be fully functioning on its own by December.  Its so exciting that this is happening.  That means there is so much work in the valley here that we need a few hundred more missionaries.  When this happens we are told that each companionship will have 1 stake here and if they have more they will only have 2.  :)  No one knows for sure yet who will be staying or who is going, when it opens we will loose like 80 missionaries to go there and to train, but by December we will be recouperated back to normal.
So this week we also had a stake conference and Elder Dan Clark came we got the front row reserved for us and our investigators.  It was so sweet.
We should have a baptism or 2 this coming weekend, :) and also we are planning on about 5 this month! :) Our investigators are doing well, they love the Gospel and see how it effecting their lives and they love it. 
Nothing too exciting happened this past week.  On Wednesday we are going to the temple, and instead of it being just our district we are going as a mission.  We get to spend like half the day there with a chapel session and then everything and get to be united as a mission, we are excited for that to happen!
I love you guys.
Elder Willis

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