Monday, February 27, 2012

Helping others come closer to God.

This week flew by! I can't believe it is already Monday.  I had such a good week. It was packed with good things.

This week something happened that was cool.  During a lesson we were teaching to a boy that was baptized 2 weeks ago I asked him, “What made you change your mind and want to be baptized like your brother and sisters?"  He was shy but told me that he had a dream and he saw himself being baptized.  He told me that is why he wanted to get interviewed in case he wanted to get baptized in the future.  And when he realized he knew all the answers he told us he was ready.  The Lord prepared him and I am so thankful.

This week also we started teaching a girl with divorced parents.  She goes back and forth between her mom and dad’s house and she always goes to church every other week and goes to young women every week.  She just missed her opportunity to get baptized.  So we showed up and her dad told her he wanted her to at least listen to one lesson from us and decide if that was something she wanted.  Of course she did.  She told us she wanted to be baptized. 

Transfers were last week.  I am still in my area! :) I love the members here.  We have been working with them here and helping them to share the gospel with their friends.  We ask to come and share a message with the families.  Like a family home evening, and when we go over we have a fun lesson and ask who they know we can share it with.  I love it!  It gets them to be excited about sharing the gospel.

Other than that this week has been good just helping people come closer to God.  I love it.

Elder Willis

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