Monday, July 9, 2012

June 18th
This week was stacked.  It was nice we took an investigator to Temple Square.  She was ready to be baptized when we had her baptism last night.  She loved going to Temple Square.  She told us when we walked into the North Visitors Center "Wow I feel weird and I don't know if it’s because I am nervous or scared or calm or what kind of feeling this is." I explained that it was the spirit and she was like “wow” I like this feeling.  I thought it was so cool.  Two Temple Square sisters gave us a tour and we ended at the Christus and Tarah started balling when she looked up at it.  It was a great night.

Another thing that happened this week was that we had a mission conference where Elder M. Russell Ballard came and visited with us.  Some of the things I loved that he told us were:
1) Conversion, activation, or change of heart always comes with the spirit and a feeling.
2) "This is the Church of Jesus Christ, not a club or a society but the Kingdom of God"
3) "There is no need to worry about anything in the church.  Because it's not mine, it’s the Lord's church, he can worry about it.  I just do the best I can."

He is really inspirational.  His son was on his mission in like Japan or something and he was having a hard time with the language and finding people to teach and he asked his dad what he could do better.  He told us his answer to his son "What does he expect?  Just because I am an Apostle I should have some magical answer for him. So I took it to the Lord"  He told us that every night he should go to the Lord and tell him about our day and be able to say that we have done our very best that day and there is nothing better we could do, until then we need to work on improving and improving.

We also had a baptism last night for Tarah.  She is the one we took to Temple Square.  It was a great baptism.  Elder Jackson baptized her and her son watched through the window when he pulled her out of the water Geo (her son) said "Meanie Elder Jackson!!"  He is only 3 but he said it really loud during her baptism because he didn't fully get what was going on.  It was memorable.  Other than that the baptism was really great.  

I love you guys.  Hope you had a great Father’s day.  I miss you!

Elder Willis

June 25th
This week we had a great week!  We had a baptism of Mike.  We had a combined baptism with the sisters in our stake.  Shawn Bradley baptized the two girls the sisters had.  Yes Shawn Bradley lives in our stake!  The one from Space Jam. I love that movie! (Brian is 6'1''if that tell you how tall Shawn Bradley is.)

One of the people I taught in my first area was baptized this weekend too.  Rexton, he was excited to see me when I came back to see his baptism.  

Other than that, I found out that Elder Jackson is going to be training so I will be transferred probably Wednesday.  It will be a fun week I guess.

Elder Willis

July 2nd
So this week determined it... If I stayed in the Salt Lake South Mission or if I got transferred to the Salt Lake Central Mission.  The Lord has sent me to the Salt Lake Central Mission.  It’s small but I know there is a reason why I am here.  I have a new companion his name is Elder Conley from Moses Lake WA.!!!!! :) He and I are like brothers, it is great.  I love him already even though we may only be together 3 weeks.  We have a 3 week transfer then go back to 6 week transfers.  So I am in Taylorsville and we are white washing it like Elder Grimley and I did.  Elder Conley has only been out 3 months but he will be a great missionary.

This week has been great though we found 4 new people to teach.  Also they had Taylorsville Dayz which is like Tour De Terrace but a little bigger and its crazy.  We went there a few nights for a little bit and talked with a lot of people.  I love it here already.  The new mission currently doesn’t have any cars though so I will be biking the rest of mission if they don’t get cars.  I bet I will be on a bike though because each stake will have 2 sets of missionaries and a senior couple and some stakes will have a set of Spanish missionaries. 

So my mail now gets sent to the house I am at so the week of transfers don't send me anything and I will make sure I let you know when I transfer so you can send it to my house.  My current address is 5072 S. 2200 W. Taylorsville, UT 84118

I am thinking of getting a new bike.  The one I have is on its last leg and I got it from another missionary.  Since I have to be on it for over another year I might just buy one at Costco. 

Other than that I love you guys.  I miss you.  Pray for rain too it’s been close to 100 the past week each day.

Elder Willis

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