Monday, June 11, 2012

May 14th thru June 11th

May 14th
So last night I met a guy that is just like dad.
Chickens, huge 2 story shed in the back yard, loves to keep a nice clean and trimmed yard, grows plants in the back yard.  Dad would love his house.  It has a fire pit build into his yard and a gazebo with a huge barbeque in it and a shed with a chicken coup in it.  He is a retired ER nurse but still works a few days a week in insta-care or something.  This guy is like dad and Steve put together though.  He has a grease pit in his garage so he can work on his cars.  I want to go ask him to be my "mission dad" or just make sure I can come visit after my mission and introduce him to you!

I loved talking to you on the phone and hope you had a great Mother’s day.  This week was slow but we had a baptism.  His name was Micheal.  I forgot my camera at home but I will send you pictures next week.  I miss you guys.  Oh and I am getting transferred this week. :( My comp just got the call that says he is training next transfer.  :( I don’t want to move again.

Elder Willis

May 21st
Wow! I had a great week! :)  I am back in Murray..... I am currently in the new mission.  If during the next transfer I stay here I will stay in the Salt Lake Central Mission the rest of my mission.  I live in an actually apartment complex which is cool and a first.  My companion's name is Elder Jackson.  He is from Gig Harbor.  Yes, from Washington!   The Spanish Elders across the hall are cool too.  One of them is from Kirkland.  So 3 Washingtonians in one building.   My companion and I get along so well!  It’s like my last transfer! I love him!  We are like cousins, and that’s what we tell people sometimes as a joke even though we don't look like it.  

I live right off State street.  These apartments are retirement apartments.  They were a maternity hospital at one time and turned into one bedroom apartments.  I will take pictures for you next week.  Just know that I have a living room, half a kitchen and a bedroom and bathroom and all handicap accessible.  You could fit a bed into my shower!  I now have to go to a laundry mat though now which I don’t like but it’s not too bad.   

We had 2 baptisms this past weekend.  I will send you pictures.

Elder Willis

Quote: memorizing scriptures is like filling a cabinet with friends, values and truths that can be called upon anytime, anywhere in the world.

May 28th
This week has been really slow.  We have been working on finding new people to teach and it seems to be hard for us right now.  We know the Lord will bless us for our efforts though.  

We were going through a list of people that have a spouse that isn't a member and felt inspired to go to this one particular house though.  We stopped by and the wife told us she was a member and to come by and see her and her husband the next day.  We thought this was odd because she had a gigantic picture of the temple on her wall behind her.  We come back the next day and we found out that he wasn't a member and when he was a teenager he had his records removed because his parents told him too, sadly.  He was more than willing to have us come over and teach him and the family.  We are going by this week and hopefully start teaching him and his son.  It will be great to see them together as a family in the Gospel.  We explained to him that our purpose was to help him and his family to be sealed together forever in the temple so that they could live together even after this life and we could tell that he really thought about that.

I love you guys.

Elder Willis

June 4th
This week seemed to be so long.  We are working on finding new investigators.  It is hard right now and I don't know why it is being such a struggle it has never been like this for me before.  But I keep doing the things I need to and have a hope that the Lord will bless us this week with some new people to teach, because he will.

Other than that not much is new.  This week we are bringing our investigator to Temple Square.  It should be a good week.  We have a few people we are going to start teaching and hopefully they are prepared to learn about the gospel.

I don't have much time to write since we had to switch buildings because the power went off in the middle of my email.  Next weeks will be longer.

I love you.

Elder Willis

June 11th
This week the weather has been great.  It has been really windy though.  I love this sun because it makes the work seem to go by fast when it isn’t raining or snowing on you.  Especially since we walk.

It has been a good week, we found 2 new investigators.  One of which is ready to receive the Gospel into her life.  She is excited about learning and wants to be baptized.  She kept putting us off and seemed like she didn't care and was going to be a flake for the past week and a half but we didn't give up.  We stopped by and she told us "I am not avoiding you, I am sorry can you call me and set up a time?"  Finally when we got in the door this week we had a solid lesson with her.  I invited her to pray to know Joseph Smith was a prophet and her answer was "I already know he is, and that the Book of Mormon is true also."  We thought that was great and asked "when did you come to know it was true?" and she went on and told us about her sister and how she converted but no one invited her to learn so she didn’t get the chance.  We now have her on date for the 30th. 

I love doing the Lord's work.  It is great that I only have to worry about those I teach and no one else.  It is also the hardest thing ever sometimes but so amazing to see how I can help others when I do it.

Elder Willis

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