Monday, December 12, 2011

Sick, Temple, Tours and Ice Cream!

This week was a slower week again.  I learned this week how miserable it is to be a sick missionary.  You can’t do anything!  On Friday I felt fine in the morning.  Then around 10 I started feeling iffy, then around noon it went down hill.  I don’t know if it was food poisoning from the night before or if it was a one day thing or what but it was bad.  I was in bed all day with different missionaries watching me at different times while my companion did his best to make all of our appointments.  I felt so bad, and it wasn’t fun for either of us.

Other than that though my week was good.  I got to go to the Salt Lake Temple on Thursday. I got to get a little tour of a back room.  Then we got a tour of the church museum which was interesting and more interesting is the fact that I had never done it before and it was across the street from me for a while when I lived at LDSBC. Then we got to go to the church office building for lunch which was paid for, for us and we feasted.  Then we got to take a tour to the top of the office building to the 26th floor and look our the observation deck.  It was so sweet! 

I also spoke in church yesterday, which was exciting.  I was sort of nervous.  There was an Elder who is getting ready to leave on Wednesday and had his farewell.  He is Tongan so it was packed, including the entire gym.  I had 1 investigator there though and 2 less active families we are teaching there also, which is good.  I spoke on missionary work and how it was such an amazing experience to get to work with members here, whether they are active and we work with them to fellowship people or to get referrals or that they are less active and need help coming back or any sort of problem.  This week I have been trying to find people around us that really need a little extra love or help this holiday season.  That’s what missionaries do right?  I encourage all of you reading this to try and do the same, surely there is someone who needs you and if you pray about it I know you will find someone or the Lord will put someone in your path if you open your heart.  Lift those around you up, and as you do they will lift you up as well.  I know that it will be hard this time of year to get all the things done you need to and to help those that need it most but as you try to do it I know you will be blessed for your efforts and help to do the Lords work.

One cool family I saw this week is so nice to us.  Last weekend we met him and he told us to come over whenever we wanted because he would give us food or ice cream or whatever we needed.  We though,t well we are in the area, he said ice cream and he might have a referral for us so lets go there and see what happens.  We think ice cream like he is going to give us a scoop in a bowl or something.  We were wrong.  We get there and he and his 2 kids bring us downstairs to his theater room, coolest room ever!  They have a projector with a pull down screen out of the wall, Ping pong table, and a little kitchen!  He pulls out like 9 different flavors of ice cream asked us if we want a banana split or milk shake or malt or scoops or what!  He has two restaurant style milk shake machines and a pop corn machine too!  He was so nice to us!  He told us to come back whenever we had one of the "wow its a long day I just need a milk shake" kind of moods.  Which as missionaries we don’t want to go there too much unless we have a need but still I love this guy already.  He told us to come by on Christmas too! :) Families here are so nice and always care about missionaries, or maybe it is just more noticeable when you have more members.  He ended up giving us a referral though too so it worked out perfect.

Well I love you guys, and miss all of you!  It will be hard to make it through this first holiday season without you but as I do, I know each of us will be blessed. 

Elder Willis

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